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Popular Caesarean Mistakes

Caesarean section helps to be born, according to statistics, every fifth baby. But despite the prevalence of the operation, it is increasingly becoming surrounded by various myths. There is heated debate between women. Some advocate for “easy” childbirth (with the help of Caesarean). Others consider that surgical intervention imposes a “stigma” on the whole subsequent life of the child. Who is right and who is wrong? Where is the line between reality and Caesarean section myths?

Bit of theory
A caesarean section is an operation by which a living baby is removed from the womb of a pregnant woman through an incision in the peritoneum and uterus. History is silent when this intervention was first performed. According to the myths of ancient Greece, it is believed that it was thanks to the Caesarean section that Dionysus (the god of the fertility of the earth) and Asclepius (the god of medicine) appeared.

From childhood, girls are accustomed to hearing that childbirth is a very painful and difficult process. Therefore, fear of him is formed from a young age. Pregnant women are sure that a cesarean section will save them from excruciating pain. They fall asleep. And when they wake up, the baby will already be there.

It is better for a woman to give birth naturally
Patients aspiring to cesarean rarely think that a wound remains after surgery. It causes pain. In addition, after surgery, the rehabilitation period lasts at least 3 months. A woman is recommended to adhere to a diet that normalizes stool. A woman in labor is forbidden to lift weights, the weight of which exceeds the mass of the child.

Indications for surgery
Caesarean is classified as a serious band operation. To consider it a “light” birth is a dangerous delusion. Any operation can lead to serious consequences (infection of the wound, bleeding). Therefore, the decision on surgical delivery is made only in those situations where the life of the mother or child is in danger.

Doctors give the following list of indications for cesarean section (planned intervention) during pregnancy:

narrow pelvis in the mother;
placental abnormalities (improper presentation, blood discharge);
improper uterine position of the child (pelvic presentation or transverse);
large fruit;
Rhesus incompatibility in mother and baby;
severe somatic pathologies (severe hypertension, diabetes mellitus);
a short umbilical cord or entanglement around the neck of the fetus;
scar on the uterus, not fully healed;
tumors in the reproductive system (on the uterus, in the vagina).
If there are pathologies, then you have to do a cesarean
Sometimes a surgical decision is made urgently. The doctor evaluates the condition of the mother and fetus, and if there is a threat to the life of a woman or a child, then an emergency operation is performed.

In this case, the following pathologies serve as indications for cesarean during pregnancy:

premature detachment of the placenta;
umbilical cord prolapse;
abnormal labor (complete cessation or weakness);
amniotic fluid outflow and lack of stimulation results;
a condition threatening uterine rupture;
violation of the heartbeat in the fetus.
Surgery in some cases is strictly prohibited. Doctors give the following contraindications to caesarean:

fetal death of the fetus;
severe prematurity;
malformations of the fetus that are not compatible with life;
infections in the peritoneum;
Surgery should only be authorized by a doctor
5 common myths
Not a single surgical intervention has overgrown with as many different myths as cesarean section. Why such prejudices appear in the 21st century is hard to say.

Some misconceptions can seriously injure a young mother and even bring her to depression. Therefore, before you believe incomprehensible “statements”, it is worth understanding their veracity. So, it’s time to debunk the main myths about Caesarean section.

1. The operation is carried out as desired

Women, fearing the upcoming birth, can by all means strive for cesarean. Indeed, so the expectant mother “protects” herself from the impending pain.

However, doctors understand how dangerous any surgical procedure can be. Therefore, competent obstetricians will never go “on the occasion” with a woman and will not perform an operation without sufficient evidence.

There are situations when the indications for caesarean are relative. For example, with unexpressed diabetes mellitus or mild heart pathologies. In these cases, the doctor can give the woman a choice, fully explaining the situation to her.
If there is diabetes, then the indications will be relative
2. “Caesars” are weaker than their peers

It is believed that children born through Caesarean section are weak and painful. They did not pass through the birth canal, so they did not have time to encounter the bacterial flora of the mother. Namely, this process serves as the first hardening of the immune system.

In addition, studies have shown that Caesar’s, quickly removed from the womb, face a sharp pressure drop. This leads to the appearance of minute hemorrhages in the brain.

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