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The medicine of whims and its significance for modern man

Currently, in the service sector, the merger of various industry services is being traced. Their interpenetration occurs. For example, the modern beauty industry and medicine are closely intertwined. These two branches are connected by such a direction as aesthetic plastic surgery.

According to the study (Vademecum Analytical Center) in 2017, about 158 ​​thousand aesthetic operations were performed in our country, in total, patients spent about 12.3 billion rubles on them.

Russia is on the 11th place in the number of aesthetic operations performed, it is practically on the same level with countries such as Japan, France, Spain. In 2017, aesthetic medicine entered an active phase, which is characterized by an increase in plastic surgery of 3% and revenue of 2% (based on data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Thus, the demand for aesthetic surgery in our country is growing, it is very successful despite problems of an economic nature.


The issue of the application and significance of aesthetic medicine in the beauty industry is very relevant and this is due to the fact that in modern society the popularity of various procedures aimed at improving the appearance is steadily growing.

Goals, objectives, materials and methods

The goal is to consider the features of modern aesthetic medicine and determine its significance in the field of the beauty industry.

Tasks of work:

1. To study the main directions of plastic surgery;

2. Understand the purpose of reconstructive operations;

3. To study the role of aesthetic medicine.

The methods of research are the analysis of information, the study of literature and documents.

Scientific novelty lies in the study of the concept of the medicine of whims and its real vital necessity.

Main part

Plastic surgery is extensive and has several directions. Each direction differs in goals and objectives, and also has its own ways and methods of action.

Removing surgery belongs to the first direction, reconstructive surgery to the second (divided into restorative and replacement), and aesthetic to the third. From the first and second directions, surgery began. The third appeared later, and this is due to the development of technology.

The medicine “whims” include the aesthetic direction in surgery, the purpose of which is to correct the appearance to make it more attractive.

If the goal of reconstructive and replacement surgery is to correct defects that a person has acquired or congenital, then the aesthetic direction in medicine has come across patients who often do not have any pronounced defects in appearance, but, despite this, who want to have plastic surgery. We offer to understand what is the peculiarity of aesthetic medicine and why it is called medicine “whim”.

Aesthetic operations (they are also called cosmetic) are performed on unchanged tissues, that is, the patient’s condition is the norm and the disease cannot be called, but only physiological features. For example, all of us undergo natural changes with age, many are very worried about this, or consider themselves inferior due to incorrect (in their opinion) body parts (ears, nose, chest, etc.). In these cases, there are no vital medical indications, and the patient’s desire is at the head, at his insistence, an operation is performed. But it is important that only the doctor must decide whether it is possible to have plastic surgery, and whether it will bring the desired results to the client. We see that aesthetic surgery as well as other types of surgical services requires laborious preparation and development of innovations.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that aesthetic medicine is often medicine on a whim, since its services are not used to eliminate physiological problems, but for attractiveness. Often there are cases when, according to the assessment of those around him, everything is in order, but he finds himself imaginary significant shortcomings that reduce his self-esteem and create problems in relationships, which leads him to a plastic surgeon.

Thus, aesthetic surgery is not just aimed at correcting parts of the body, but at the patient, as a person, given his emotional experiences. It is important here to meet the expectations of the patient. A correctly performed operation will not only improve a person’s standard of living, but also increase his self-esteem and give positive emotions. It is important to study the client well, establish trusting relationships with him, and evaluate his real expectations.


Summarizing the foregoing, we can conclude that the medicine of beauty is sometimes called the medicine of a whim, because it is not addressed for health reasons. On the contrary, many health problems are a contraindication to aesthetic transformations. It is assumed that cosmetologists and plastic surgeons deal with “practically healthy” people.

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