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Ambulance Tips

Encountering an Ambulance while Driving

  • If you see or hear an ambulance with it's lights and sirens on, pull over to the side of the road and stop to let the ambulance pass
  • Ambulance driver's are taught to always pass on the left. If an ambulance approaches always pull over to the right side
  • Never pull in behind an ambulance to follow it through traffic and never tailgate an ambulance - you are endangering the crew and the patient.
  • Ambulances with a patient on-board often drive without lights and sirens. Always drive safely and give plenty of room to any ambulance.

Green Emergency Lights:

  • EMTs responding to an emergency will display green flashing courtesy lights in their cars.
  • If you can, safely give way to cars with flashing green lights so that the EMTs can respond quickly to the emergency.